Verdin Bells and Clocks 2017
 Formica laminate on panel with engraving
 1,528 pieces

Verdin Bells and Clocks began its operation in Cincinnati in 1842. Its bronze bells and clocks are well-known and in service all around the world. Additionally, Verdin produces carillons, towers, organs, and works with artists, most notably Donald Lipski for his project The Bells (1992). At the foundry and fiberglass shop located on Kellogg Avenue, Verdin integrates age-old traditions with state of the art digital fabrication and electronics.
This mosaic merges two operations, creating an imaginary space based upon multiple views of the facility. Depicted in the mosaic from left to right are Myron Kraus, Ralph Jung, and Steve Jung. This is the first mosaic in the Work/Surface series to employ engraving, in which the top layer of Formica laminate has been removed by the laser cutter, revealing its brown core, for the details in the clock face on the far left side.