TX AUX IN 2008
Steve Badgett & Steve Rowell
16' trailer home, insulation, acoustic panel, 
felt, audio equipment
The Marfa Sessions, Ballroom Marfa, Marfa Texas

A 1970s travel trailer was refurbished as an anechoic (without echo) chamber in order to listen to an audio work by Steve Rowell in the high desert town of Marfa, Texas.

Audio duration is 30 minutes and repeats at the top and bottom of the hour. This installation is designed for one person at a time. Isolation and external sensory deprivation is best achieved with the door closed. Please allow a minimum of 5 minutes for pupil dilation to perceive the dimly lit interior.

Included in the audio program are field recordings from:

The Harper Dry Lake area in the Mojave desert beneath the R-2508 Special Use Airspace Complex (restricted military airspace and supersonic corridor) - 2006-07 Hinkley, CA
Various sites - Sep 2008 Marfa, TX
Sam's Club - Sep 2008 El Paso, TX
Teufelsberg US NSA listening post (ruin) - July 2008 Berlin, Germany
RAF (USAF) Menwith Hill earth station - Nov 2007 North Yorkshire, UK
RAF (USAF) Fylingdales BMEWS radar installation - June 2008 North Yorkshire, UK
RAF (USAF) Lakenheath airbase - Mar 2008 Suffolk, UK
Kielder Forest and Water - Nov 2007 Northumberland, UK

AM radio recordings from the Voice of Russia (english edition) - July 2008 Berlin, Germany