Tex Hex 2009
pontoon boat, aluminum, plywood, 
solar system, electric motor

TheTex Hex is a floating field unit for use as a work/research barge on inland waterways. Done in collaboration with the Center for Land Use Interpretation's Houston Field Office, the project includes a refurbished pontoon boat and a modular dock system. The Grand Respectacle was a multimedia event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the oil industry, performed on the urban bayous of Houston in 2009. The name TEX HEX comes from the hexagonal patterns that link the physical and conceptual elements of the project, from the hexagonal molecular form of Benzene, a compound of crude oil, and a industrial precursor for many plastics made in the area around Houston, to the hexagonal shape of the plastic floating platform sections used in the project and the shape of the wheelhouse of the barge.

TheTex Hex was deployed in the Houston bayous several times from 2009 to 2011, and later in Louisiana on the bayous around Morgan City and in Lake Ponchartrain for the Dredgefest conference in 2014. 

Deja Rendez Vou