Rodadora Frontera (Border Tumbleweed) 2014
stainless steel, fasteners, truck mirrors
Tornillo-Guadalupe U.S. Port of Entry, Tornillo, TX
Art in Architecture program, Fine Arts Collection General Services Administration

Designed to appear as a random-looking volume, Rodadora Frontera assumes a geometric translation of structure in nature. This dense series of vertices and nodes forming irregular tetrahedrons* is further abstracted by the addition of common truck mirrors. The ethereal form hovers within the fenced area of this government facility that regulates passage on the U.S.-Mexico border. The randomly placed mirrors gather light and reflect surroundings and sky, changing its appearance throughout the day. The form could be likened to a plant, a swarm, or a cloud – all of which exhibit properties of porosity and changing morphology.

* In Euclidian geometry; a solid formed by four triangles -- in this case it is a series of irregular 3-simplexes.  Tetrahedrons are indivisible units – a basic structural element, or The minimum prime divisor of the omni-directional universe. (Fuller)