River Quaternion 2015
 Steve Badgett
 raft, aluminum, plastic cloth
 Green River, UT

Deserts possess a particular magic, since they have exhausted their own futures, and are thus free of time. Anything erected there, a city, a pyramid, a motel, stands outside time. - J.G. Ballard

River Quaternion is a dark spectre on the river, an enclosed abstract absolute thing in the geosphere.  The pyramid is a form rich with associations — ancient, visionary, interstellar, conspiracy — to the utility of Green River’s nearby pyramid housing radioactive material.  Usually associated with a perfect fixed form and timeless symbol intended to stand beyond life and death, here it is a temporary intruder, a dark blunt monument adrift, like a symbol in a Jungian dream.
Thanks to Aurora Tang, AAA design, Deborah Stratman, Christine Tarkowski, Cari Carmean, Cyrus Smith, and Bob Dornberger