Procter & Gamble 2018
Formica laminate on panel with engraving
824 pieces

Procter & Gamble formed in 1837 in Cincinnati making soap and candles. Today, P & G is a multi-national company that makes goods in the categories of baby, family, and feminine care; home and fabric care; grooming; hair, skin, and oral care; and personal health care. P & G’s world headquarters is downtown. The Tide production plant is in Lima, Ohio; a duplicate assembly line operates at the Winton Hills campus, which also hosts facilities like research and development.
This mosaic features the Envision Lab at Winton Hills where designers in identical facilities around the world can collaborate in an immersive virtual environment. Leading the team with the controller and unusual glasses is Bradley Whitmore, engineering section head, surrounded by, from left to right:

1. Boopathy Ramalingam, L&T Technology
2. Jenny Raffenberg, Laboratory contract employee
3. Nicholas Jacobs, Tabler Station Plant
4. Avatar for Engineering Lead in Shanghai
5. Molly Flanagan, U.S. Government Relations
6. Rakesh Kumar, L&T Technology