River Monument (Glomus) 2015
sound composition by Kevin Drumm
driftwood, geodesic sphere, garbage, steel post, audio, solar system
Connect/Disconnect: Public Art Louisville, Louisville, KY

Driftwood, along with man-made floating detritus, is ever present in all rivers, but with the engineering of Louisville’s Portland Canal, built to aid river transportation, there is a great propensity for it to collect around the adjacent dam. Disparate and mysterious, driftwood floats at random until captured along the shore or becoming enmeshed in a collection of its own kind, sometimes traveling as a rogue island.  Fluid dynamics and complexity are made manifest in determining the second life of this material. With Glomus, an agglomeration of driftwood and human-made debris suggests an orbital symbol of the river as a mysterious and powerful force. 

SIMPARCH thanks Rick Wolhoy, Endres Studio, and Sunrise Domes for assistance on this project.

Glomus sound sample