Exhausted 2009
sound composition by Kevin Drumm
wood, plywood, shade cloth, duck tape, sound system
Open Satellite, Bellevue, Washington

“History shows again and again How nature points up the folly of man” Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

Considering Godzilla as the original anti-nuclear activist who keeps trying to enlighten us to change our destructive ways, this exhibit presents the repeatedly misunderstood monster’s final visit to civilization. Bellevue Washington, the corporate-oriented antipode to the City of Seattle, seemed a fitting location for the saurian naysayer to simply give up, lying down in a depressive haze in the oversized vitrine-like gallery. Visitors were able to enter into the reptile’s dormant carcass, an inner atmosphere with filtered light and the low rumblings of the beast’s unhappy condition.
Sound sample sounds best on high fidelity system

Exhausted sound sample