Drum 2007
plywood, fasteners
Drum 'n' Basin, A Foundation, Liverpool, England

Drum is a monument to underground mega-projects of the industrialized landscape – pipes and tunnels used in the conveyance of water, trains, and cars. Large concrete pipe sections, discovered by skaters in the early '70s on the outskirts of American desert towns, became ready-made armatures for vertical skateboarding. By doing consecutive runs up one side then the other ("forevers"), a skater challenges verticality by going as high as possible beyond the 3 and 9 o'clock register.  

SIMPARCH's full pipe was bolted together as a kit. All the parts that were cut by a computer-controlled mill, flat packed, and shipped in a container to Liverpool. It was designed to roll on its armature during erection -- thereby eliminating the need for working at dangerous heights.  
SIMPARCH’s free basin was included in drum 'n' basin project.

Designed in collaboration with University of Chicago physicist, Peter Eng