Deutsche Juggernaut (DJ Berg) 1998
salvaged wood, wheels, netting
Ship from the Desert, The Moorings Project
Maschinenhalle, Potsdam, Germany

One's first impression of Deutsche Juggernaut (DJ Berg) might be that of a mutated gothic cathedral or the ruin of a severe bombing mission. The bony structure, entirely supported with laminations of salvaged wood lath from the former factory where it was built, was visible through the translucent sulfur-yellow skin. Visitors could enter into its cavernous belly or journey over the top where, at the summit, they encountered a simple representation of a DJ's turntable station - a nod to the sanctity of the music clubs in nearby Berlin. This mountainous form could be pushed around the former machine hall by at least four or more people via the ten salvaged coal-cart wheels mounted to its undercarriage.