Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) 2018
Formica laminate on panel
2,122 pieces

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) is one of Cincinnati’s oldest and most prolific built-to-order machine tool manufacturers. It was formed in the 1890s as the Cincinnati Shaper Company. Today, in addition to the company’s renowned press brakes, shears, and other metal fabrication equipment, CI makes industrial-duty laser cutters and 3-D printing machines. It sells its equipment to manufacturers all over North America. CI’s Big-Area Additive Manufacturing machines (BAAM) have 3-D printed large objects such as a car, an excavator, and a submarine.
Featured in this mosaic is the Harrison, Ohio, facility. To the left, Laser Applications Manager Drew Schneider is at the control panel of a 6,000-watt fiber laser cutter. In the background, Will Gratsch operates one of their Depression-era press brakes.